Happily Ever After…

As I sat with my boyfriend, watching the highlights of the Royal Wedding, I found myself thinking… what is Happily Ever After?

Clearly, in the storybooks as children, we think to ourselves that the prince & princess marry, ride off into the hills, & live their lives to the very fullest. They have amazing adventures without any trouble, have perfect children, & are wonderful parents.

As we grow older, our definition of Happily Ever After changes… depending on who we are. Some of us are rather certain that it does not exist, others subconsciously believe that Happily Ever After is exactly what it should be, & that it all just starts with marriage.

In the past few months, I’ve realized that there is amazing Happily Ever After love… The love that allows you to trust someone with everything, a love that makes your heart skip beats… even after years together. A love that lasts always & forever. A love that’s worth everything… & so much more.

Though Happily Ever After isn’t automatic, it’s completely possible. It takes work, involves heartache on both ends, frustration, disagreement & is sometimes unbelievably scary… but it’s worth it. Those warm moments… the skipping heart beats… the tears of happiness… the passion. All of those moments are there too – & that’s truly what Happily Ever After is.


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