Goal Update

   One thing I’ve always been certain of is that accomplishing your goals is all about quality, not quantity. This year, it may seem like I’m moving at a slow pace with my goals, but it’s because I’m moving forward on big important ones.

    These past few months, I’ve been working on accomplishing the following long-term goals of mine. They’re taking a while but are completely worth the effort. – Whatever it is you’re after in life, go for it!

  • Be on the Dean’s List – I’d previously let this goal go, as I was originally unable to enroll in school full time while working full time. Recently, I’ve decided to push forward with it anyway.
  • Continue to audition – Last Friday & one this Friday. BRING IT ON!
  • Win an award – The current auditions will hopefully lead to this.
  • Graduate from college – Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, minor in Marketing. (Set to graduate Spring of 2014).
  • Read all Nicholas Sparks books & read Hunger Games Trilogy. – Currently on 2nd Hunger Games book, with 5 Nicholas Sparks books left.
  • Write a novel – It’s coming together!!!

Are you willing to go the distance?


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