GOAL: Believe in Romantic Love, 2010

   In early 2010, I didn’t need anyone to lean on. I’d changed my world & moved forward toward the ultimate independent life. (For details, see Stand Up For Myself 2010.) My main focus was on inspiring the readers of my website & accomplishing as many goals as I could. I’d felt as though I was behind.

    It was a whirlwind; I’d placed myself in a marathon, ridden a horse for the first time, travelled to Los Angeles & was preparing to move to Nashville Tennessee in October. I told myself that life couldn’t be more perfect, I was in independence heaven.

    In mid July, an old friend of mine from High School asked me to go flying with him. I’d known he was a pilot for years, but was never brave enough to really talk to him about it, & in all honesty I really thought this guy was a player. – But when he messaged me, I couldn’t help but respond saying yes. Although I was frightened by the idea of going up in a tiny little airplane with this guy I’d crushed forever ago, I was also in the state of ‘Why Not?’ I had nothing to lose.

    What I didn’t expect was the fall… the big magnetic pull that this guy had on me. It took me an instant to realize that something was there and just a few hours to start falling for him. I remember the only thing I could get rolling through my head was, I am in deep. How could I have let this happen? I am leaving!

    The next months were the best of my entire life. I learned about what love really was; it has nothing to do with settling for someone & everything to do with being the happiest you’ve ever been. – It was that summer that I finally discovered what romantic love really is; that it really does exist & it’s so unbelievably amazing.

    If you’re out there doubting your current relationship, I’m just going to put it to you bluntly. Get out. Romantic love has it’s moments of doubt, but they are very very rare & are often gone within a few seconds. While love may take work, it should be from both sides. Always. Evenly.  – It’s time to find yourself in romantic love – one of the only loves worth fighting for.

    Lucas & I have been together two & a half years this month. I couldn’t be happier with my life with him & I cannot believe how incredible our lives together are. It’s truly amazing how much two people can grow together & how strong that relationship can be. — It’s your turn to find happiness. 🙂

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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