Making permanent changes to your life can be scary. But, working past that fear is one of the most wonderful things in life. Letting fear hold you back in life is something that you may truly regret later.
You can make excuses all you want about how right now is not the time to go after a certain dream, but in the end you must realize that these excuses pull you further away from that dream each time you run them through your head.

There’s nothing more painful to me than seeing someone make excuses to themselves on a daily basis. I will never understand those who allow themselves to sit in misery because they don’t know what they want. – Get off your butt & go find it!!!!

What’s your greatest dream right now? Why are you keeping it at a distance? Are you afraid of failure?
Life is all about trial & error… “GO, FIGHT, WIN” – Maybe our high school mascot taught us the most valuable lesson there is.

Ok – so you’re ready. Not sure where to start? Ask around, you’ll be surprised at how many contacts you already have.  – LOL – Seriously…. Go, Fight, Win…
And I wasn’t even a cheerleader. 🙂


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