Getting Prepared

There’s been so much on my plate lately that I haven’t gotten much time to write very many new blogs. To give out more inspiration, I thought I’d give you a little update of what I’ve been working on.

Perhaps it will motivate you or maybe even inspire, but most of all, I just want you to know that I’m not taking a hiatus, but working on some amazing stories I’ll get to tell you in the near future. Here’s my current to do list for this month, with some preparation for the 2147Miles 2nd Birthday Celebration.

  • Accomplishing more goals: The progress has been slow, but I’ve been working on finishing the viewing of the entire Heath Ledger movie collection and will be writing a Goal Story about it soon. Just a few others big ones include working toward my Journalism degree, set to be completed at the end of this summer and preparing to meet Kelly Clarkson (I’ve almost accrued enough points to meet her on her Stronger Tour and will let you know what happens when it’s finalized.) Smaller goals have involved my new projects (see below), and getting everything organized in the house I just moved into.
  • Getting more involved: This month, I’m connecting with more sites in hopes of connecting with my readers everywhere. You can now receive updates through Facebook and Twitter, with more inspirational information provided to you through the websites DiggGood ReadsStumbleUponPinterest, and Tumblr. Another upcoming website connection will include Wikipedia.
  • Keeping you updated: You may also have noticed the change to the Inspiration page, and the addition of the new Quotes page. These were created and updated to inspire you in different ways on a daily basis
  • Person of the Month: That’s right, I’m already preparing for the Person of the Month March, a very inspirational woman currently in New York City. (If you haven’t already read the interview with Shelly, Person of February, you’re truly missing out. – She’s truly one of the strongest people I’ve ever interviewed.)
  • New Projects: Lastly, I’ve been helping others create inexpensive websites and I can help you as well, if you’re interested. This includes websites for business, weddings, basic blogs, as well several non-profit company websites.
  • UPDATE: Just a heads-up, will be celebrating it’s 2nd Birthday with another contest, so be sure to check back in March for more updates. 🙂


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