Get A Tattoo

When I was in high school, I considered getting a tattoo. Looking back, it seems quite obvious to me that it would have been in eager hopes to connect with the man who I was dating, but I was curious enough to walk into a parlor & look through the books.

I remained thankful for not having marked my body. And, for at least 5 years, I unfairly judged everyone that I knew or saw with a tattoo. I found tattoos silly. I found them scary. I never quite could understand why someone would want to mark their bodies with something so permanent – no matter how strongly they felt about it.

So there I was, one morning, looking through Facebook photos of a truly great friend that I had lost just the night before. She was gone. She is simply gone from this world & no one could possibly bring all that she was back. The most beautiful & innocent soul that I’ve ever known… just gone.

I stumble on a photo of a tattoo she got, “when your world changed…” An inspiration & dedication to her life & how she chose to live it. Battling lupus until her very last day, & never allowing any of it to bring her spirits down.

Two realizations followed. The first was that she wasn’t gone; she’s right here, & I carry her with me every day. The second was the overwhelming interest I suddenly had to get a tattoo. These symbols that people permanently place on their body are their way of outwardly sharing their scars to remind themselves – & others – of what really matters in life.

Life is short.

So, if you want to, get that tattoo. (But do it for you & no one else.)
And if you don’t have tattoos, don’t judge. You don’t know what their symbols stand for.
Oh! And, be sure to tell your best friend you love them.

Love you Maddie,


*This is not a photo of a real tattoo, but for inspirational blogging purposes. A real tattoo may or may not follow. And, in the event that my fear of needles takes over, I will simply have a tattoo like Phoebe’s from friends.*

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