Get A Puppy: Why It Wasn’t On My List

At the risk of sounding like a horrible human being… I’ve never been a fan of dogs. The thought had never once crossed my mind to ever get a dog, it didn’t matter if it was full grown or a puppy… I was certain it was never going to happen. And that was okay.

This year, when my boyfriend bought his first house, we started a discussion about dogs. He’s always wanted to get one, but he was incredibly respectful that I wasn’t interested… yet, for some weird reason, it was always in the back of my mind. I was curious. And I suppose one day, while oogling the amazing thing called Facebook, my curiosity got the best of me.

Puppies needed to be rescued from the local Humane Society.
I don’t know how it happened. One moment I’m “jokingly” sending my boyfriend the link, & the next we are there looking at these adorable little furry babies that are freaking out because a human wants to pet them.
And there was Penny… (formerly known as Olive.) Much more mellow than the others, she stood back a little shy, but was certainly close enough to be part of the action. She was the one, so we signed our lives away & off we went.

Every so often, there comes a moment when you experience something amazing – life changing, even – & you might just sit there thinking to yourself, “Damn… I cannot believe this wasn’t on my bucket list! If I would have known the way that this would all make me feel, you bet your ass this would have been on my list.” Because, I mean, your list is all about the feels, right?

This is exactly what happened. I was up all hours of the night the first week… & IT WAS PURE FREAKING JOY… ??? I know, RIGHT? WTF?
Suddenly, overnight, I find myself realizing every single word my old coworkers would say about their “precious babies.”

I’m. Pure. Mush.

How could she be so happy when I lock her in a cage & leave her for 5 hours??? She gets toys even though she destroys them within 5 minutes of receiving them.

She sleeps on my lap every afternoon as I watch TV.

Penny has a freaking Instagram account of her own…

But, you know what… as pathetic as it all sounds (okay, so it actually is pathetic…) As pathetic as it all is, she is pure joy. And training her is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my lifetime. She’s smart & goofy & has her very own crazy face when she’s just nuts. She is everything I’ve ever wanted & more.

Get a puppy. Get A Puppy. GET A PUPPY!! Seriously… if you have the time to nurture a beautiful little soul, do it. I cannot imagine what my life would be without her.