Freakin’ Burr! Why You Should Do The Polar Bear Plunge

When my boyfriend told me a story about his Polar Bear Plunge adventure, I cringed at the thought. Why would anyone do that? It sounds crazy & kinda pointless. I even went as far as to subconsciously deem those who did it as show-offs. I simply didn’t understand what the point would be – other than to simply say you did it.

THAT was when it hit me. Not only was I being completely hypocritical (I mean, there are people out there who feel that a bucket list is simply a way of showing off), but I was very wrong… & even then, I realized that I was more afraid of doing the Polar Bear Plunge than I was of jumping off of the Las Vegas Stratosphere.

… Yep.

So for those of you out there who are slowly noticing that you have these big fears that seem to come in small packages, I implore you to look a little deeper at the reasons why you aren’t willing to do something seemingly silly or ‘crazy’. What is it that’s keeping you from truly living your life?
And, as for the Polar Bear Plunge, here are just a few reasons why you just might want to get involved.

1. To Raise Money It’s not just for fun! The Polar Bear Plunge is often about raising money for a good cause. Make-A-Wish is just one of these organizations.

2. To Raise Awareness Just as raising money, Polar Bear Plunges are often opportunities to raise awareness for a good cause as well.

3. To Conquer Your Fears If this scares you more than something really crazy, it’s time to get out there & conquer that fear! It lasts only seconds, & it can be a great story (or video if someone’s recording it).

4. To Be Silly & Have Fun Overall, it’s important to remember that life is short! Get out there & have some fun. Be silly. Who cares about what everyone else thinks.