For The Entire World…

There are quite a few scary things in this world, and it’s very obvious that we aren’t completely organized. We will always be learning new things, and sometimes we’ll be learning them the hard way. This isn’t just for you and me, but for everyone. For the entire United States. For the entire World.

Yes – life can be frustrating if it’s not organized the way you want it to be, or if someone disagrees with you about something… but, when I find this frustration, I always have somewhere to put it when I think about how boring life would be if everything was organized perfectly and if everyone felt the same and looked the same and acted the same.

Admit it – life would be… dull. There would be nothing to organize, nothing to fight for or toward, and we would just be following the only life outline that we knew.

So, when someone wants to have a debate about something; when someone seems to have a frustrating opinion about something; or when you don’t understand why things are the way that they are, just remember how different everyone is… and please be thankful for it… because I couldn’t live in a world where there’s nothing to fight for, and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t either.


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