Fear – It’s All About Fear…

There are times when I feel as though I’m stuck in a rut, & I’m almost always confused as to how to get out of it. Most of the time, this is because I am afraid to face what I’m really wanting.

It may sound weird, but fear is often the reason we find ourselves not able to make decisions, not able to move forward, not able to truly decide what we want in life.

Overcoming fear will always be hard, in any situation. We’re afraid of the unknown… Think about it – if we could see into the future, there wouldn’t be anymore confusion, except in what we should look forward towards, & we wouldn’t be afraid because we would know what was happening.

So, how do you overcome fear? Take risks. Take chances. Make the decision that your gut is telling you to. We cannot sit around waiting for something else to make the decisions for us… Just do it.

There are many ways to pull yourself away from fear – face your fears head-on. Although my dream journal is a way for me to overcome my fears, maybe yours is something else. Find it – and don’t loose it.

Do everything you can to stay focused on your main goal and DO NOT be afraid. Fear may just cause you regret in the future. ~ Don’t let fear stop you from being the best that you can be. Anything is possible. ~


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