Falling, Failing, & Forgetting…

Falling, Failing, & Forgetting… these are my greatest fears. But how do you overcome your fears? You may feel as though you cannot completely overcome your fears, however, you can still face them… & some of them you will have to face unexpectedly & unwillingly…

I often have dreams that I’m in a tall, wall-less, building & somehow always end up falling from it. In these dreams, I am not afraid of heights… but in real life – I’m terrified. Facing this fear will be a difficult one & I do not plan on facing it by jumping out of an airplane. However, I do plan on zip-lining in Canada & have previously traveled to the Seattle Space Needle, & ridden Silverwood’s Panic Plunge to face this fear.

There are times when I’ve found myself facing failure. When it seems as though I haven’t pushed myself as far as I could go, & have completely let myself down. Though we are often told something along the lines of life being all about trial & error, we are hurt & we are afraid. So, how do we overcome this fear… how do we even face it? We are not likely to go out & fail to face our fear – No – Facing failure is going out, making risks, & taking chances. This is what the goal book is all about. And when you come across a bump in the road that involves failure, don’t let it mess everything up. Life would be boring as hell without failure… & we wouldn’t ever learn anything without failure.

There are a lot of reasons why forgetting scares me. It’ the memory you have of someone who’s passed, it’s alzheimer’s disease, & it’s those dreams where you’re headed to class & have forgotten your locker combination. This fear can be faced, however, it’s not willingly… & it’s very unexpected. This fear, of all of my biggest fears, scares me the most because you cannot face it or prepare yourself for it until it happens. This fear is one that you must face head on – right smack dab in the middle of it. This fear is the one that will require the most strength in me… And I will face it with everything I have.

Don’t let fear get in the way of anything. Stand your ground, & live your life with all that you have.


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