Facing Your Fears…

Yesterday I spoke with a close friend who asked me how I face these fears. I’m not quite sure if she was referring to when I went to try something I wouldn’t normally try, and ate some sushi, but I suppose I could use this as an example.

When I write down my goals, I try to think of things that would be a challenge. Something that I am afraid of and/or have always wanted to do or accomplish. For example, I wanted to try a food I wouldn’t normally try. For some reason, sushi seemed to be there with me, so I went for it. – Ick – And, although it’s not an unbelievable task, it was still a challenge for myself – a fear to overcome, if you will.

So… how do I do it? Well, the sushi wasn’t that hard to get through. However, the ones that I fear the most are getting over my fear of bees & touching the bottom of the lake (in a deep spot). ~ These will be a challenge, but I’ve never choose any goal that I didn’t think I could ever accomplish. You’ve just got to give yourself everything you’ve got. And that’s what I choose to do. 🙂
I hope this helps you! 🙂


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