Exactly As Planned.

You know those times when you feel lower than low? The moments when you just want to crawl into a closet and sob until someone comes in and tells you that everything that crashed down in your world was all a silly nightmare? I’m not talking about self-sabotage or when you treat someone like crap and then feel like crap; I’m talking about when you’ve been knocked down completely by a force that was completely out of control and you’re certain – beyond any other belief – that you will not be able get back up. Your lowest of low; the place where you truly have nothing to lose.

If we are being real here, everyone’s moment is different. It could be being bullied in school, losing a close friend, getting dumped or finding something out that you never needed to know. Regardless, we’ve all been there.
It’s dark. It’s dreary. It’s painful. And it’s actually one of the most remarkable moments that you will ever have. You see, in that moment, when you have nothing to lose and it’s very clear that you’ve hit rock bottom, that is when you answer the door to opportunity.

Cheesy, yes; Stupid, no. You see, for those of us who have figured this out, there’s actually a crazy resolved feeling about being beaten down. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling sucks… But when you know how to pull yourself out of it, it’s almost pure gold.

I’m not talking about revenge. Hell, I’m not even talking about the “I’ll show them” feeling. I’m talking about an altered reality… or maybe it’s actual reality. You’re done pleasing those around you, you no longer care what they think and all you are focused on is finding a way back to feeling normal. But in wanting this, you’re so desperate to get it that you actually try new things. You explore new opportunities around you and your world changes forever.

And then we go back to feeling safe, guarded by those loved ones around us. We go back to the happiness and bliss. This is still a beautiful way of life, but the pattern I’m seeing makes me a little sad.

Why is it that so many of us only seem to fight for what we truly want in life only when we are down in the dumps? When we have nothing to lose? HELL – why is it that so many of us don’t even seem to know what we want until we are down in the dumps or sometimes NEVER AT ALL?!

We need to end this cycle of containing our potential simply because we are afraid of taking risks. We need to find ourselves immersed in the things that we love… WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT WE LOVE. What is your passion?

What are your likes and dislikes? What are things you’ve always wanted to try? Experiences you’ve always wanted to experience?
And we need to stop trying to justify those things to others!!! Who are they to say whether or not you are worthy of adventures? Who are they to say what your passions are or why they should be your passions?

In an eager attempt (or maybe I should say a life-long dedication), to change the way we challenge ourselves, I’m writing this blog – and all that follow – to inspire you all to create a list of all of the things that you want to do during your lifetime. Write your bucket list. Physically write it; handwriting and all. Display it somewhere in your home, or tuck it away, but view it every night. Keep it in your memory wherever you go as a reminder to jump when opportunity arises.

Write down who you want to meet, fun things you’ve always wanted to do, where you want to go and even fun details on ways you plan to get there.
And then do them. Exactly as planned.

Because life is short. Because you deserve a fulfilled life. Because you can. Because you deserve to experience your personal passions, goals & random desires. And everyone’s goals and dreams and passions are all different. Write your bucket list.

Welcome back Bucket List Bound Readers! Things are about to get much more interesting around there….

Stay Tuned.