Every Day

      Every day, I wear a ring that’s twisted once in the middle with “Nothing is Impossible” engraved on it. Every day, I wear it subconsciously thinking that it will somehow change the situation that I’m in; that it will make me braver & stronger than I already am. It’s this $7 ring that empowers me to keep moving forward when I’m not quite sure I can take another step; it’s this symbol alone that reminds me to take action when I find it difficult to consider all of the things that have changed. 

      While I may not know what you’re going through, I do know that life is too incredible to spend it unhappy… life is too amazing to settle for less then you deserve… life is too short to compromise the things that matter most to you… & most importantly, I know that you’re stronger then you think you are.

      So in this moment, as you lie awake in bed thinking about the difficulties in your life right now; as you sit there trying to focus on something other than the numerous problems that seem to be swallowing you whole, find your symbol. Find something that will tell you to know that every step forward counts & that every struggle or obstacle is a sign that you are in fact headed in the right direction. For, without a step forward, there will never come an obstacle & without an obstacle, there will never come accomplishment. To really live we must do everything we can to succeed, in whatever it is that brings us the most joy. 

      As I sit here in bed, twisting my $7 ring & writing this blog, almost completely unaware of who will read these words, I take pride in the fact that I know there are several out there who are striving for the same things that I am… happiness: in themselves & in others.  I also take pride in the fact that maybe, just maybe, someone out there who really needs these words is reading them.


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