Especially By Ourselves…

Yesterday I found myself putting together yet another list – this time of all of the goals I’d like to accomplish before 2012. I’ve made it a big goal to accomplish more than I did last year. What I didn’t take note of is how much rushing yourself can make your accomplished goals somewhat void.

For example, cramming 19+ goals into 18 days is a little ridiculous if you ask me. Accomplishing goals shouldn’t just be about proving to yourself (or others) that you can do something, it should be mainly about the experience; something to truly enjoy and to take in.

We’ve been competing with ourselves for sometime; always trying to break our own records, always pushing ourselves further and constantly asking ourselves why we aren’t pushing harder. However, one of the many things I just recently learned in life is that, sometimes, you’ve got to give yourself a little break; push yourself, but allow yourself a little room so that you don’t get completely burnt out, and so that you’re able to enjoy what you’re experiencing. Take in some of your greatest moments and accomplishments before pushing onto the next, and you’ll see just how much more incredible life can really be.

Continue to push yourself, but remember to take a look up from whatever it is you’re working on every once in a while. Our accomplishments and hard work should not go unnoticed, especially by ourselves. – You never know what you might miss.

We may be the most critical of our work, but we may also receive the most joy from it, and we should.


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