Escape Rooms: 2017’s Bucket List Must

There is a new ‘fad’ coming to town, & it’s called the Escape Room. Okay, maybe it’s not new (I mean, the Inland Northwest isn’t exactly the quickest area at catching on… nor am I), but it’s something that’s BIG & it’s happening now. I’m here to tell you not to miss out.

When I first heard about escape rooms, I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my seat. I didn’t even add it to my bucket list. The first thought that passed through my mind when my best friend Brittany told me about escape rooms was something like, Huh. That’s interesting.

This is about the time that Brittany most likely starts laughing, probably because she knows me so well. Puzzle person? Board game person? Yeah – that’s me. What of it? — Maybe this is why she got me an Escape Room gift card for my birthday. Maybe this is why she mentioned it a handful of times over the past 6 months that I didn’t use the gift card… Ha.

And then, we finally scheduled the date. (By we, I mean an eager Brittany scheduling my gift card for me two nights before.) Thank you Brittany. 😀
The four of us came into Escape Rooms – Get Locked Away in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho ready to rock & roll. We were told that there was a 30% escape rate, which is rather daunting for someone who is wanting to escape their first time. And, then, we are taken to a room & given a story to prepare for our objective.

BAM! We are thrown into our one hour play time, with Brittany & I working on one puzzle, my boyfriend Tim & her boyfriend Kyle working on another. Both trying to keep up with each other; all daring to get out of her & beat the 70% of people who suck. 😛
I cannot tell you how many puzzles & hints were in this room, but there were a lot! We were thrown keys for this lock & keys for that lock – trying to figure out what goes where & laughing at the silly little things we hadn’t noticed.

Then we were down to 20 minutes.”You guys, I think we might need a hint.””NO! No hints! We can do this!” I remember saying… only to, two minutes later, go back on my word.

Yeah – so we took one hint.And we ESCAPED with maybe 1:32 left on the clock!!

Once we were out, I was really able to take it all in, & I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had. The fact that we got out was just the cherry on top.

These fun, challenging & team-building experiences escape rooms offer not only allow friends to build better relationships, but couples & coworkers. The rooms are often changing (every few months or so) to allow you to go back fairly often to enjoy something new.

Who knows if escape rooms will be a forever thing, or if they will fade away like drive-in movie theaters. Regardless, get there! Experience this! It’s fun & exhilarating without you having to jump off of a bridge or out of an airplane. Definitely my choice for 2017’s Must-Do!