Eric: A Nashville Inspiration

My name is Eric, I’m 21, and I live in Nashville, TN. I haven’t ever been one to set short term goals though. I find setting longer, broader ones get you where you want to go and make the ride getting there a lot more interesting. One day, I’d like to have a daughter and maybe a husband. The ride there should be a fun one.

What is something that motivates you & why?
My biggest motivator is someone who tells me something is impossible or that I can’t pull it off. If you wanna get yourself into trouble, tell me there is something I can’t do.

What’s something difficult you’ve been through recently and how have you overcome it? Recently, I came to terms with admitting something I did wrong about 5 years ago. I typed out a seven page letter about how much I’d messed up and how sorry I was to have lost that person. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. It’s something I recommend for everyone to do. I held a lot of hate and hurt inside myself for this person. And now, I’m at peace with something that held me back for so long. Let people know how you feel. Unleash emotion, unlock rage, and don’t hold back. People need to know when something matters to you. Otherwise, you’ll come to the point when nothing matters at all.

If you could recommend a movie, website, song, or book for others & their inspiration, what would it be & why? I would recommend a singer. Reba McEntire has a song for every emotion I’ve ever felt. She tells me to walk on, be a survivor, and to never let your momma down. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I get out the iPod, a glass of wine, and just let my blues float away.

What’s one thing you’ve done to Pay-It-Forward? I always try to do nice things. I don’t like to talk a lot about my charity works because I feel like it lessens them in some way. Bragging about charity work is something I find extremely tacky. I will say that I’m always going to do everything I can to help someone out.

Do you have a goal list? If so, what are a few goals you would like to accomplish, small or large?  There isn’t so much a written down list. Like I said earlier, I make goals in broad statements. I’d like to end my life as a happy and loved person. I set myself on a track to make that happen. Whatever the means are to that end are a glorious mystery. And I love experiencing them every day.

Who is your hero & why? Well of course my ultimate hero is my mother. She is my biggest inspiration. Everything she has done to see that I turn out to be a halfway decent human being has made me the man I am today. I am a better person than I would be because she is in my life.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? You’re really into this goal making thing aren’t you? Hehe. In ten years? So many things could change in that amount of time… To answer your question, I’d have to say, I’d love to either be managing a hotel or be a flight attendant. Probably the first so I could have a family life.

If you could make one wish right now, what would it be? My wish is to see a world that is not only tolerant, but accepting of all people. No matter who they are, where they’re from, the color of their skin, or the person they love. That is my wish and my dream for this world.

If you could motivate or inspire someone with one paragraph, what would it say? Motivation and inspiration may be things you find in me, but for true motivation and inspiration, look inside yourself. You have most of the tools you need to make your life better, and if you find you are missing a few, look to the people you love and ask them questions like these. All of us together can create a better world.

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