Earning My Wings & Gaining My Guts

    Putting yourself out there can be incredibly scary, especially when you’ve gotten hurt or seen other people get hurt from a risk that you need to take to pull yourself closer to accomplishing your goals. But while earning your wings, there’s so much you will learn in knowledge and so much you will gain… in guts.

    This afternoon I posted my first YouTube video/ singing audition video… onto YouTube and Facebook… and I was FREAKING out.

What if no one likes it? What if I don’t get accepted at this audition? What if no one leaves comments or makes comments that don’t say anything about my voice… hence, finding a way to be polite? What if people store it in their memories and bring it out that the worst time? What if I end up on MSN for being the most horrible singer in the world?

    Well…. that last one’s not likely, but what should ANY of it matter???

    Obviously, I’m still learning that without putting myself out there, there’s absolutely no chance. So why not give yourself a chance and put yourself out there so that you can at the very least say that you tried. – Or perhaps celebrate your accomplishment. 🙂

    What if everyone likes it? What if you’re a success? What if this is the beginning to something incredible? What if this leads you to something that you’ve been searching for? What if people store it in their memories? What if you end up on MSN for being an awesome singer?

Go get ’em. 🙂


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