Don’t Look To May

    I’ve always found it funny that, when we look to our past, we often get sad because we think of all of the things that might’ve been if we had stayed on a certain path. And, as we’re doing this… we are looking into that possible future thinking about all of the good things that may have happened; how happy we may have been. We look at this life that someone else has and ask ourselves why we haven’t been given something so amazing.

    When this happens, not only are we withholding the truth from ourselves (What about the troubles that may have come with this path?), but we’re also not seeing what’s right there in front of us. We may be extremely happy now and not enjoying it all because of pure envy… because of this thing that we pictured happening so very long ago. It’s time to let it go & either enjoy the happiness we have now or create it.

    Whatever changed your path is past. You’ve chosen the direction you’re headed and you should keep moving forward with your head held high and your eyes on the goals you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing.

    2013 is THE year. What will you do with it?

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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