Difficult Times Call For Desperate Measures…

There are difficult decisions that some must face every week, difficult times that some must face every day. In those moments of heartbreak & confusion, it’s important to remember that these difficult moments don’t define you, it’s how you handle them that really shows who you are & what you stand for.

Each of us have our own way of handling difficult, & even have our own definitions for it. We may agree that difficult is when the going gets tough, some of us may consider that a broken nail, others bankruptcy.

Though we’ve all grown up under different circumstances, I think it’s safe to say that, when the going gets tough, we must think about all that we are thankful for. Rather than comparing ourselves to those who have it better, perhaps we should compare ourselves to those who have it worse & maybe even find a way to help.

It’s no surprise that even our most difficult times can give us the desperate measures to help others in ways that we never expected.


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