Dear John…

    There was a time when I used to want to be a celebrity… who am I kidding? There are still days when I want to be a celebrity – to sing in front of millions of people & have albums that go platinum.

    What I could never handle is being under a microscope, constantly having everyone bombarding me with questions about my relationship status & whether or not I’m going to see a certain movie. What does that have to do with their singing or acting ability? … it has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter.

    Then there are those that want their 15 minutes of fame, & are selfish enough to possibly use someone to get it. My thoughts go out to John Travolta at this particular time, an amazing actor & pilot. No, I don’t know him personally. I don’t know how he feels about men & women; what I do know from the two seconds I got to see him in person, is that he’s so shy & so kind. He would give anything for those he loves & as much as he can for those he may not even know.

    So John, if you’re out there reading this somewhere… by any tiny chance… I want you to know I’m on your side. Don’t let these desperate people get to you; don’t let them tear down anything that you’ve built. Stand strong & move forward. Though it’s easier said than done, you’ve been through harder times than this, & you can get through this as well. It’s the obstacles that make us stronger.

    For everyone else: I once believed that being a celebrity is the best – all the money you could ever want, getting to meet other celebrities, going to award shows every few months… what I didn’t realize until I got older is that money really can’t buy happiness or love… those things you still have to work for.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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