Couldn’t Be Happier… Or More Confused

Today’s a new day, and it’s looking great. It’s obvious that spring is here early. Today it rained, hailed, and was sunny here & there. =) I was joking around “March showers bring April flowers!”

I’m a bit confused today, but I’m also very happy. I’m really beginning to understand myself better each day, so I’m hoping I wont be this confused much longer. The past few months have taught me so much about who I am and what I want.

Before, it was really hard for me to think about myself. I was under stress because of old friends, and I was in a complete rut. Now, I’m seeing everything & everyone, including myself, with clarity. A ton of stress has melted off of me… And I can finally breathe.

I suppose my note for today is, don’t forget about who you are. And, most importantly, don’t forget that this is your life. There will be many “Energy Vampires” that come along, and whether you choose to keep them in your life or decide to go your separate ways, don’t let them stand in your way of anything. You may want to help them and be supportive, but don’t forget about your goals and your problems.

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