Change Is Inevitable; Attitude Is Everything.

  Change is inevitable. It may come as a shock, or as something that’s been planned for months, but it’ll happen & you’ll change with it. Every experience you have – good & bad – is sculpting you… & you get to choose not only a great majority of the paths you end up on, but how they will shape you – simply by how you choose to view what’s in front of you.

    For optimists, change is exhilarating. It may be powerful & sometimes painful but, with it all, comes that slight feeling of anticipation for that amazing something waiting around the corner. It’s exciting & scary & sometimes emotional… but it’s what we live for. With change comes possibility & opportunity. Change has become an addiction, leading us to any & all of the places we’ve ever wanted to go.

    Somehow we know that if we accept the changes in our life now, things might just be easier in the future. Instead of panicking about a bad haircut we’ve just received, we remember that it will grow out; instead of allowing ourselves to criticize ourselves for something we have no control over, we search for & find the things that we do have control over… & get our butts in gear. We look at the bigger picture & decide what’s most important to us in the world… & then we fight for it because we can.

    If change is inevitable & attitude is everything… If opportunity is knocking & anything is possible… Then why the heck not?

 Are you willing to go the distance?


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