Building A Biography…

Have you ever wanted to write a book about your life? An autobiography that explains why you are who you are & what you learned along the way? It may come as no surprise that I would like to write an autobiography, but at this moment I’m brainstorming for a biography about my father’s life. And it’s truly amazing how much I’ve learned.

Talking with my dad about his life has been not only incredible, but eye-opening. I’m envious of the things he’s gotten to experience, but so very thankful that I’ve gotten to relive them through his words. The more I talked to him about his life, the more I’ve wanted to learn about my mother, my grandparents, & my friends. There’s just something about trying to put yourself in someone’s shoes. It’s like reading a book, but being able to really get every detail pulled together & ask as many questions as you’d like.

If you’re interested in writing any sort of biography, I think that’s incredible. There’s nothing like sharing your experiences with your family, & possibly the world.


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