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The bucket list & lifestyle blog all about facing your fears & conquering your greatest dreams. The platform's mission is to inspire, motivate & empower others.

This website is for anyone who's ever felt a little lost; it's for people who are in an eager search for happiness. It turns out that you DO NOT have to define yourself with one word. You DO NOT need to label yourself based on your career, because that's not who you are, it's what you do. It just so happens that you DO know what you want, so why not write it down? Share it with the world, or hide it in a folder. Either way, it's time to take action & show yourself (& maybe the world) what you're made of.

Bucket List Bound (Formerly 2147Miles) was created in March of 2010 to keep friends & family in-the-loop as I prepared for my solo move across the country to Nashville. (You guessed it, 2,147 miles away from home.) It was created in a moment of loneliness, after a falling out with a few of my friends. And, over the past several years, it seems that one thing has always remained constant: No matter what I'm going through, heartache & loss, boredom & blah, my bucket list has always brought me back to a happy reality - &, most importantly, back to a "me" reality. I find myself time, & time again, through sheets of paper with words written on them all because it's all me - all mine. My recipe for life.

The beautiful Bucket List Bound logo was designed by my great friend, the late Madison Pearce, & reformatted to embody everything that she believed in & all that this website stands for. There is beauty to be found in everything, if you are willing to look hard enough. Nothing is impossible. We love you Maddie!

Sit Front Row At A Concert: Confidence & Garth Brooks

By Amy Riordan | June 18, 2017

One week ago, it would have never occurred to me that I’d never sat front row at a concert before. I hadn’t even fathomed putting that on my bucket list. Maybe it was having experienced the CMA Music Festival ‘front row’ line – that pushes you through non stop, so you have to circle around.…

11 Items To Light Up Your List (& Your Life!)

By Amy Riordan | June 13, 2017

Sometimes we need a little more light in our lives. Why not reward ourselves with a few bucket list items that are sure to light up your list, & your life? Here are 13 ways to light up your list, enjoy! 1. Go To Lantern Fest:Lantern Fest is taking the US by storm! Be sure…

The Jump: Risking More By NOT Taking That Leap

By Amy Riordan | June 1, 2017

Some say that there is no such thing as being ‘over prepared’. I beg to differ. While there is nothing quite like the feeling of being completely & utterly prepared, there’s also something BIG that must come after all of that hard work. It appears, my friends, that some are using preparation as a way…

The Ultimate Foodie Bucket List

By Amy Riordan | May 23, 2017

If you’re a foodie like me, you most certainly have a few bucket list items that involve some serious food opportunities. (These simply CANNOT be left out!) Check out my favorites below & be sure to leave me a few comments on what kind of food items you’ve got on your list. I know I’m…

25 Things For Your Lazy Bucket List

By Amy Riordan | May 14, 2017

So, you’ve been working your ass off & you’re starting to think… maybe I need a little break. Yes! Definitely! Do it! Power to the working people who just want a damn break! Here is a lazy bucket list for those of you who are looking to incorporate some much deserved down time in with your goals.…

How To Have A ‘Green Thumb’

By Amy Riordan | May 12, 2017

For years, I’ve thought about the famous “green thumb” that my grandmother seems to have. How does she do it? How can she seem to save nearly every “dead” plant & split it into multiple beautiful green little perfections? It took me YEARS to realize that it’s all about knowledge. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. A few…