Bright Lights, Big City… Or Little Town…

One thing I believe each of us have come to know all too well is how tough it can be to communicate with other drivers on the road.

Just yesterday, I found myself flashing my lights at a driver about four blocks away. The lights were so bright that I was sure he had his brights on. Instead of notifying me that his brights hadn’t originally been on with a quick flash of the brights, he turned them all the way on for the next three blocks between us, as if to teach me a lesson for ‘being so rude’.

It’s unbelievably difficult to understand what’s going on in the minds of others, especially while driving, so how do we keep ourselves from getting completely stressed out every time we hop in the car?

While driving on a good day, one person tailgating us for no reason or cutting us off can ruin the whole day – if we let it. This can cause a chain effect if we let it, and soon we find ourselves doing the exact thing to others. Hypocritical… I know. Either way, the important thing to focus on is that good deeds have the same effect. Letting someone in in traffic, getting over for someone who wants to pass you on the correct side (which is the left), or stopping to help someone who’s trying to change their tire in the rain – these are all good things that can not only make ourselves like the world better – but others too!

Lets stop letting other people turn us into driving monsters for the day, and instead let it push us to help people out. (Because obviously that person must not be having the best day.)


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