Bad Day Blues

Every now & then, there comes one of those days. You know, the day when the windshield of your car cracks, you fail an important assignment, & your favorite planner gets drenched in water. That would be one of those days.

Though it may take you an hour of venting to finally get past what happened, there comes a point when you’ve got to sit down, calm down, & figure out how you’re going to make yourself feel better.

For me, the first step is admitting that these things are not an end to the world & I slowly convince myself that worse things could’ve happened. Then, I go find something inspiring. I read pages of Goldie Hawn’s book: A Lotus Grows In The Mud, I read cool magazine articles while sipping hot chocolate, & lastly I focus on things more important. (Like next week’s homework or everything I’m thankful for.)

My Getting Inspired page has a list of things that may make you feel better when you have one of those days. And I have several affiliate pages (see to the right) that have inspired me in many ways as well.

Breathe. Don’t stress. Move forward.

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