Are You?

   Google Earth has always amazed me… and scared me to death. It can take you back to a completely different time in your life… (in my case, our local satellite information has not been updated since I was in high school.) and it can also allow people to see exactly what your house looks like, even if they are a million miles away.

   So there my old car sits, at our old house on a summer day, and instead of wondering what I was doing inside the house when this van drove by, I’m thinking about how much I’ve changed. – I’m thinking about how far I’ve come in such a little amount of time. – I’m thinking about my goal list and everything that’s been accomplished… everything that I’m still working toward.

   What I’m trying to say is that, whether it feels like it now or not, there will be a point when you’ll sift through old memories and be unbelievably proud of the person you’ve become. You’ll think about how much you’ve matured, the wonderful people that you’ve met, and all of the accomplishments and good decisions you’ve made along the way.

   When it’s automatic like that… when you don’t have regrets and you’re not reminding yourself of all of the drama you had to go through or the mistakes you might have made back then, that’s when you’re ready. – Ready to mature more than you already have, inspire more of the people around you, and accomplish more on your list than you could’ve possibly imagined before.

I’m ready. Are you?


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