And You’ve Changed Your World…

Sometimes we get lost… & it’s difficult to find our way back. We’re not sure which direction to take, or how we got to where we are. We’re just stopped… looking at all of the directions possible.

Whether we’re not liking any of the directions, or we like them all & just can’t choose… we feel trapped. Stuck in a tough place… questioning every choice we’ve made up until now.

In this tough place, it’s important to not only remember what we’re thankful for, but why. Your last big choice changed you, whether you can admit it or not. It was an adventure; another path that helped you learn even the slightest bit more about yourself.

Don’t regret it. Don’t hold grudges against anyone, including yourself. Forgive, forget, & then choose the path. The best part? If you don’t like the path, believe it or not, you can change your mind.

If you change your mind in time, remember these three things: 1) No one can say you never tried, 2) You made a decision, keeping yourself moving, & 3) You’ve, once again, learned more about yourself.
Congratulations! You’ve taken a risk… & changed your world. (Be careful, it can get addictive.) 😉


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