And So Many Great Memories…

Don’t we all wonder, every now & then, why we ended up where we are at this moment? In good situations, & in bad, we catch ourselves considering the idea of how a single action or decision could’ve changed it all.

Is it wrong of us to consider this in tough moments? Because, when everything seems to be crashing down, it’s almost inevitable. We wonder, we dwell, we hang on to that thought for dear life, knowing that we can’t change the past at all.

Rather than dwelling on the past, even in our darkest days, we must push ourselves forward & dream about our future instead. If there is something in your life you are regretting not changing, change it. Make a difference now. Fight now. Believe in yourself now. Living in the past is wasting our time to dream about our future.

What are you waiting for? Live without regrets, take those risks, & when you do look back on those decisions, you’ll be happy because you lived life to the fullest. You’ll be thankful because, though you made some mistakes along the way, so much good came from it. (And so many great memories.)


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