An Obstacle A Day…

We all have our demons – Things that scare us to death, haunt us, and pick at us until we just can’t take it anymore; our inner ghost who enjoys keeping us from taking big risks, succeeding in relationships, and pushing us further into insanity. Our deepest darkest fears.

How do we overcome something that our very own consciousness is pushing in our paths? How do we overcome a road block that’s both external and internal?

This is something I’ve been fighting my entire life; being my own worst enemy without realizing it until it’s too late. Much of it has to do with self confidence, but there are so many other factors. You could be the most confident person in the world, and it can all starts with one person; whether it be your own thoughts or opinionated others. And once it starts, it’s a daunting task trying to unravel yourself from this downward spiral.

I once confided in an old friend of mine that I am planning on being a professional singer, and he spent the next half an hour explaining to me that my odds were so unbelievably small that I should just give up now, before I get my hopes up.

Yes – I could’ve spent the rest of my afternoons contemplating everything that he threw at me… but I didn’t. Instead, I spent the next few afternoons convincing myself that trying and getting my hopes up would be better than one day wondering what might have happened if I’d put myself out there and actually fought for what I wanted.

Then there are those obstacles that are external – the ones constantly there reminding you that you just might lose. Whether it be something that happened a long time ago that made you feel like a failure, or something that you know is waiting to pounce on your dreams and rip them to shreds.

These obstacles are the worst because it seems as though once you think you’ve moved passed them, there’s another reminder sitting in a drawer somewhere. A reminder that you might not be headed in the right direction. The only way to overcome these ones is to let your guard down, and promise yourself that if you fall down on this path, you’ll stand back up and either keep going or create another one.

What I’m saying is, whether it’s you or someone else who’s in your way, don’t let a tiny seed of doubt send you running in the other direction. If you want something, go get it; if you want to keep something, hold onto it; and if you’re dreaming of something big, be prepared to pick yourself up and keep moving.


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