An Inspiration…

About a year ago, I found a musician on Facebook with the same last name as mine. He was kind, generous, had many amazing music stories, & was an inspiration to me, & so many others, in so many ways.

Sunday, Steve lost his battle to cancer & I will never forget him. He changed my world with just a few words, encouraged me to go after my dreams with all that I have, & he barely knew me.
Though very sad that I was unable to meet this amazing man in person, I’m forever grateful to have met someone so wonderful.

He is a reminder that life is short, that you must live it to the fullest, but most importantly, that you can make an impact on anyone’s life with just a few words. You have the power, & it’s your decision if you’re going to make the most of it.

To Steve: Thank you so much for every word you’ve ever written to me. You’ve changed my life, & you will forever be in my memories.

Thankful for every day,


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