Alice In Wonderland Syndrome…

Every now & then, our mind can play tricks on us. Whether it be in the dark or in broad daylight, we can often confuse ourselves more than anyone else possibly could. We let our mind wonder where it shouldn’t be wondering… and that can sometimes lead to questioning things that don’t even need to be questioned, or worrying about things that you don’t even need to worry about.
It’s almost as though we’ve decided to complicate our lives, only by accident.
I’d like to refer to this as the Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. One moment, we’re perfectly fine, when suddenly a “What If…” pops into our head. What if this happens, what if that happens… And it’s not the type of “What if…” that makes us excited, it’s one that stresses us out – one that we may not have any control over.
Then, just like Alice, we get stuck in this hole, where we are stressed and confused because we are worrying about something… or multiple things… that we shouldn’t be worried about. What if I trip and fall tomorrow morning? Well, we should be careful, but we cannot worry our lives away about little things like that. And we certainly cannot let those worries define us.

Where do I come up with this stuff?

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