Adventure Is Out There

Adventures take you places you never thought you would ever go & give you knowledge you didn’t even know you could gain.

Adventures involve risk, which is one of the many reasons why one might not go out on a limb to try something new.

Adventures are always bold. Whether you’re traveling across the country or you’re just trying a new food.

Adventures are fulfilling & help us to accomplish so much more.

Adventures push you, give you guts, & allow you to continue on to yet another adventure.

Adventures teach you & shape you… always for the better. We learn, we move forward, & we take more adventures.

If you’ve ever questioned who you are & what you want out of life – go out there & find out everything you can about yourself. Try different foods, take road trips, send messages in bottles, bury at time capsule, pay it forward, take chances & learn from the outcomes, do things you’ve only imagined. 🙂 Because now’s the time.

For my Cousin Lena. Xo


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