Admit My Wrongs, 2010

    It took me, what feels like, such a long time to realize who I am & what it is that I stand for. My hopes, my dreams, my beliefs… what makes me happy or confidents or stronger ~ All of these things that truly define ME were stumbled upon… after quite a bit of work.

    With that said, one goal of mine was to admit my wrongs. This not only taught me that everyone is human, but it also gave me strength to move forward in ways I’d never known. I’m no longer worried that my past will come back & bite me on the ass. I’m more confident because of this… I feel better about who I am.

    It was in May of 2010 that I was really starting to work on myself, to build & accomplish my goal list, but one thing I hadn’t considered was how far I’d come since the very beginning of the year. I was just going… non stop… until one day I fell backward. Guilt was getting to me about something I’d done at the beginning of the year.

    It depends on who you are, but many might say that puppy love was driving whatever it was that was going through my head. I beg to differ. I’d felt as though I’d really hurt the relationship of two people & I decided to make it a goal to patch up whatever it was that I’d done. I never considered that I might be making things a bit worse for them & possibly for myself. I just did.

    There was no way to help them if I was me, so I pretended to be someone else. I’m not proud of what I did, but in a twisted back-ass way, their relationship somehow turned out alright… except for the part where they found out it was me that was pretending to be someone else & this made me look like a complete crazy person. 

    After this huge mistake, I learned a lot about myself… & the way that other people play roles in our lives. It was in this ‘dramatic’ moment that I finally started catching myself in little white lies, telling the truth more often, snooping & gossiping less, & eventually moving forward with a little more spunk.

    I am me, I make mistakes & I’m proud of who I am. 🙂

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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