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 with Amy Riordan 


What do you believe in? What do you stand for? What do you want in life? And, if you know all of the answers to those questions, what are you doing to live the life of your dreams? If not, what are you waiting for?

These are all questions I continually ask myself, & quite honestly, I got sick of not knowing the answers. Silly thoughts that used to fill my mind like, I'm too young for that to matter, or that's an insignificant & pointless thing to learn are now banished from my head & replaced with, It's now or never, and it's small & simple, but meaningful to me for some reason. And suddenly I'm no longer questioning why I've decided to pursue flipping pancakes without a spatula, I'm focusing on when  & how I'm going to do  it. Well, that & the messes you'll be watching me make. 

Bucket List Bound was created to help me learn the answer to all of these questions, & then I discovered just how important knowing the answers to these questions really was. Why? Well, you have to deal with yourself constantly, & who in the hell wants to hang around someone that you don't know & cannot communicate with? Who wants to hang out with someone that's boring & doesn't have any depth or personality? Someone that's constantly saying "I don't know."? But most importantly, why would you want to live your life without some sort of purpose?


No, there may not be a way to be consistently happy & to lead a perfectly balanced life, but there is a way to live a life that only leads to mostly regrets in the end. Do what you want to do, explore the things that you love. Learn everything you can about your beautiful self, not only because you can, but because you deserve to know who the heck you are! What makes you happy? What makes you excited? Nervous? Impatient? It's only when we discover these things that we can truly & actually enjoy our lives & all that makes us... well, us.

So as you are exploring this website, the podcast & all of my ramblings, remember that this is about you. Allow this to be your you space.  


I am Amy Riordan; wife, dog mom, optimist, writer, podcaster, photographer & course creator. You'll find me in North Idaho with my unbelievably good-looking and incredibly supportive husband Tim, and our "lick your face off" chocolate lab-pit Penny. We spend a great majority of our time adventuring, binge-watching the latest internet series craze, and/or traveling. Occasionally you'll find me singing, baking, adding hidden secrets to this website, organizing or focusing on a new D.I.Y. project, but mostly it's all about my family, my bucket list & this creation that I love. The pride that I have in Bucket List Bound and all that it entails is insurmountable, & I'm eager to build on shared space that anyone & everyone can thrive through. 

To all those old school visitors looking for my personal bucket list list, you can find it here.


And to all those out there looking for a purpose, consider all of your passions & think about what it is that you go back to every single time things go sideways. For me, it's my list. Every. Single. Time. And while I may love taking photos, teaching others or recording episodes for the podcast, those aren't the thing that bring me back to remembering who I am in moments of devastation. What's yours? I hope this website & its contents can help you figure that out. 

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