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About Bucket List Bound

*to inspire, motivate & empower*

bucket list bound

Welcome to Bucket List Bound, a platform created to inspire personal success. Follow me as I delve deep into the world of goal setting, self-help technique, stories of accomplishment, motivational quotes & articles, interviews with those working toward their dreams & much more. Kidnap freebie tools & tricks, favorite books & inspirational somethings; Everything specifically designed to encourage a one-of-a-kind movement that is all your own. 

Created in 2010 as a blog to keep family informed as I prepared to move across the country, Bucket List Bound has evolved in ways I never could have expected. The site is now an inspirational hub that questions the ongoing struggle between what you want & what you are afraid of; what you believe in & whether or not you should stand to defend it; what you think and what everyone else would if you were to make that stance. 

You can make a bucket list, ongoing & amazing, walk around with your head held high... but it's only when you are standing in the doorway of an airplane with a random stranger strapped to your back that you realize you have to jump. And, if you aren't willing - whether 'ready' or not - to take that insane leap, a list is all that will be. 

Let me remind you why that leap might just bring you to a lifestyle that's beyond your greatest dreams. 

"You cannot change what you refuse to confront."

John Spence, Author & Businessman


Hello Bucket List Bound Readers!


I am Amy Riordan (Croson), writer & creator of Bucket List Bound. I currently live in beautiful North Idaho with my husband, Tim & our dog Penny. We love living in this area, aside from the occasional days where we are shoveling snow. Much of our time is spent going out on little hikes, driving adventures, enjoying our various area lakes and, let's be honest, binge watching the latest Nexflix craze. 

Bucket List Bound (originally '') was initially created to voice my adventures to family & friends from afar, in support of my move from North Idaho to Nashville, Tennessee. As a young woman pursuing a singing career, I quickly found myself falling in love with writing, focusing on conquering the bucket list I'd created back in 2007 (because, if you can move across the country alone, what CAN'T you do?) & keeping myself motivated when the going got tough... none of this had to do with focusing on singing or writing music. So, I think it's fairly obvious why I moved home. I'M SUPPOSED TO WRITE!

For those of you who remember the former website & are curious about my personal bucket list, you can find that hidden here. And if you're visiting for the first time, thank you! I truly hope this website pushes you to get out & conquer that list one step at a time. 

            Amy Riordan

amy riordan