9 Reasons To Drink More Water

Bucket lists aren’t just about the things that you fear, but habits that you want to develop or change. Over the years, I’ve accidentally come across little details here & there about why I should drink more water. Come to find out, after decades of thinking that dehydration is no big deal, I’m starting to actually push myself to drink as much water as I can. (Or at least half my weight in ounces.) Below is just the beginning to my motivation.

Hair Growth: So many women (& several men) want long, beautiful hair. But, it seems that, as we get older, hair is a little harder to grow. Water helps this, believe it or not!

Adult Acne: Growing up, I had a good friend who LOVED water. And while I didn’t understand this, looking back, even as a teen, she always had radiant skin with very few zits. This pretty strawberry blonde never knew I was jealous of this, but to this day… I still kinda am. So, drink up!

Weight Loss: Water helps with weight loss in multiple ways. Not only does it have you feeling fuller, but I’ve also heard that ice-cold water can help you burn a few more calories. Bonus!

Overall Health: Our bodies are 60% water! Enough said?

Blood Donation: When you go to donate blood, they recommend rehydrating yourself as much as possible. This helps your veins, making them easier to find & access. Take it from someone who has small veins… do this. You will thank yourself later.

Cancer Prevention: Studies have shown that being hydrated can decrease your chances of getting several different types of cancer. The water washes waste out of your system. Look up the studies!

Workout Assistance: Have you ever noticed that, when you’re properly hydrated, you feel remarkably better when you work out as opposed to working out dehydrated?

Glowing Skin: Your skin is glowing & very healthy when you’re hydrated.

Headache Prevention: One of the things about all of this that I’m most looking forward to is the fact that water prevents headaches. Over the past few years, I’ve had fairly severe headaches, & I have yet to find the cause. Wish me luck!!

It’s time to start drinking!!
Water… That is. 🙂


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