83 Ways To Pay It Forward…

Pick up litter when you see it.
Let someone cut at the store with fewer items.
Donate old clothes.
Buy lunch for a person behind you in the drive thru.
Hold a fundraiser.
Plant a tree.
Stick up for someone.
Tip when you can.
Always write thank you cards.
Write a letter to an old person.
Teach someone something.
Call a friend who’s sick.
Talk to the shyest person you know.
Donate blood.
Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
Tell the manager how great your waiter was.
Return a grocery cart for someone.
Put a quarter in a meter that’s due to expire.
Leave a book you’ve read in a cafe lobby.
Forgive a driver directing road rage at you.
Mentor someone.
Give a warm coat to a homeless person.
Send a box of donuts to a construction site.
Compliment a stranger.
Give local tips to tourists.
Tip a street musician.
Give people a chance to prove themselves.
Encourage someone to pursue their dreams.
Smile at strangers.
Volunteer at a woman’s shelter.
Offer the UPS guy something to drink.
Give up your seat on a crowded bus.
Sit & listen to a homeless person’s story.
Contribute to college education funds.
Pay someone’s mortgage for a month.
Babysit for free.
Walk someone’s dog.
Rake someone’s leaves/shovel their driveway.
Help a student with their tuition.
Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
Clean someone’s house.
Help with an inner city project.
Pickup someone’s tab when you dine out.
Play music for the elderly.
Bring goodies to a local fire station.
Buy movie tickets for the person behind you.
Cook a nice meal for a friend.
Use less energy.
Downsize to reduce your footprint.
Donate to the American Red Cross.
Offer to do shopping for a neighbor.
Pay for gas for the stranger next to you.
Buy presents for the children’s hospital.
Help locals in need.
Donate your time & or money.
Offer to do gardening for an elderly person.
Hold a garage or bake sale for charity.
Hold the door for someone.
Compliment someone every day.
Do a chore without being asked.
Help with a local race.
Walk for cancer.
Buy food for the food bank.
Bring coffee to your office sometimes.
Take advantage of every opportunity to help.
Spread the word!
Buy a wristband.
Support animal welfare.
Become an organ donor.
Laugh & smile.
Support disaster relief in Haiti.
Pledge your One Million Acts Of Kindness.
Write a letter to a soldier.
Be a shoulder for someone to cry on.
Let someone into your lane in traffic.
Turn over an “unlucky” penny.
Warn someone if they’re parking in a tow zone.
Give your parking pass to a stranger.
Had a great experience? Give a great review!
Give Christmas to a family in need.
Jump start someones car when the battery runs out.

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