8 Ways To Set Your Goals

Sometimes it’s difficult to get going with goal setting.Whether the chore is big or small, there are times when we are unable to pull ourselves together and get going! Below are just a few of my favorite goal setting tips. 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Ask Yourself: What Do I Want? – It may sound like a simple question, but it’s an important one that many people forget to ask themselves. It doesn’t matter if the answers come out random, if they’re ‘unbelievable’ or if you feel that this dream may only come with luck. Just take a moment to really think about everything you’ve wanted in this life time.

2. Write It Down – This is a very difficult task for some, but I’ve known it to work for everyone I know that’s been unsure about something. Taking the time to get out the tools and write everything down will really help you to not only visualize all of the things you’ve always wanted in life, but it will also help you when you’re ready to attack.

3. Remove The Limits – As you begin writing down your random list of goals, don’t limit yourself. Anything and everything you’ve ever imagined doing is possible, so why limit yourself in any way when there are no limits in life?

4. Don’t Forget Your Fears – You’d be surprised how many goals are set because of the fears people carry with them. Your fears limit you, so making it a goal to overcome them is a way of truly bringing your forward personally.

5. Break Them Down – Another way people set their goals is by breaking the big ones down into a ‘step by step’ form, allowing the goal to not only be less intimidating, but a little more reasonable. For example, a singer looking to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry might begin performing in Nashville locally, pushing themselves toward a signing contract, and perhaps performing in several huge local venues before lastly making their way to the ‘big leagues.’

6. Do It For You – I cannot stress how important it is to accomplish your goals for you. So many people get wrapped up in trying to impress a loved one. Make and accomplish your goals for you and you will go so much further!

7. Get Them As You Go – Some people feel as though they need to accomplish their goal list before they can go after something else, but that’s not the case at all. As you create your list of goals, there will be more that you’ll want to accomplish. You’ll find goals through your experiences.

8. Learn Along The Way – Another myth some people hold on to is that they cannot remove a goal from their list unless they’ve accomplished it, but just as you’ll get new goals as you go, you’ll also learn things along the way that may change a few of your goals.

The Absolute Best Part?!
As you’re creating this list and accomplishing goals, you’re learning an unbelievable amount about yourself. You’ll find more that you’re passionate about, more that you’re not so passionate about, and you’ll meet people that know how to push you in ways that you cannot push yourself.


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