8 Steps To Free Your Mind

Lately I’ve been over thinking everything. Moments alone can have me digging deeper into a problem or a process than is even worth my time; thoughts are processed before I’ve even completed the thought. I am wasting my time, & causing myself more stress than any of it is worth. What in the heck is that about?

Whether you have a lot of time to process those thoughts, or you have very little time & are squeezing in these thoughts, the process is overwhelming. Where do we find the calm? When do we stop planning for a second & just live in the moment? You have no idea how much I’ve “researched” this very topic.

Here are 8 Steps To Free Your Mind of all of this craziness!

  1. Drop Everything, & Get Out Of The House. Go somewhere without your phone that is peaceful & quiet. It’s here that you’ll be able to think things through completely.(My spot is at the lake, just on the corner coming around our local college. I cannot tell you how many decisions I’ve made in this very spot.)
  2. Let Go Of What You Cannot Control. Clear your mind completely of every single thing that you do not have any control over. Separate it from the things that you DO have control over, so that you can truly evaluate what you’re really dealing with. This alone will relax you, because the mental ‘to do’ list will inevitably get smaller.
  3. Get It All Out. Yes… I know… you’re so sick of me mentioning lists, but hear me out! If you have everything you’re stressing about written down, it’s out. It’s like you’re admitting everything to yourself, & this way you won’t forget anything. Just write, let it all out. Vent to that damn paper!
  4. Prioritize. Now that you know absolutely everything that is stressing you out, it’s time to put it in order of how important it is to you. What matters most & why? See, you’re learning more about yourself already!
  5. One Step At A Time. Please, please, whatever you do – do not be like me & look at the list like it’s your worst enemy… avoiding it at all cost & allowing things to start getting stressful all over again. Start with step one & do not deviate from step one until it is complete. Focus on what it is that you need to do & process just that one line item.
  6. Commit. So those things that you do have control over… you now have realized that they are stressing you out “simply” because you either cannot decide what to do about them, or you’re hesitating because you’re scared about the outcome. It’s time to put yourself out of your misery. Decide what you’re going to do & commit to it. TRUST ME, it will be worth it in the end regardless of the outcome, simply because you will no longer be stressing over it.
  7. Tie Up The Odds & Ends. Once all is said & done, there will be loose ends. Don’t allow these little things to get everything all tied up & stressful again – handle them fairly quickly & in a classy fashion. You’ve got this.
  8. Set New Goals. Yes, there is one more step. With this newfound stress free life now happening, you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning setting new goals. (You’ve got to enjoy this time, right?!) Right! Set some goals that will set you up for future ease. Set goals that you know will help you to be more relaxed in the future. Take up a fitness class, start eating better, research things that will make you better at work or will improve your self-esteem.

It took me so long to realize how much I have ahead of me. Some of these things aren’t even worth stressing over, & I’m really hoping that this process helps you as much as it has me.


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