8 Realizations After Auditioning For American Idol

In 2006, as well as in 2008, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to audition for American Idol. A long-time bucket list item of mine, I was eager to not only see what the process was all about, but I hoped with everything I had that I would one day be the next Kelly Clarkson (Not just our American Idol, but my idol idol).

Unfortunately, & obviously, that did not happen, but let’s just say that things happen for a reason. Here are 7 Realizations I had after auditioning for American Idol.

1. You Wait In Line Twice: Alright, so you don’t technically have to wait in line the second time… but first, you line up to register (& get your stadium seat assignment), then you return the next day for your actual audition.

2. The Competition Is FIERCE, & Sometimes (Let’s Face It) Stupid: There are SO MANY talented people out there that you are competing with. Not only that, but American Idol is known for sending through people who will boost their ratings regardless of how good or bad they are. This is no reason to drop it, but I’m telling you right now that you BETTER BRING IT. Be prepared. Practice, practice, practice.

3. It’s An Opportunity To Explore & Meet People: The best part about auditioning was exploring the cities (Seattle & Salt Lake) & meeting the people in line, no joke. There are people there from all over the world singing all different genre’s. You have things in common with them, why not make friends?

4. You Don’t Meet The Judges Until Later: For many, they are in complete shock when I tell them that you have to get through several rounds (assistant producers, producers, executive producers, etc.) before you get to the celebrity judges. It’s incredibly easy to make it look that way, seeing as how on TV they show the hundreds of thousands of people in line & cut directly to the judges. Sorry to disappoint… but do you REALLY think Simon would’ve sat through ALL of those American Idol auditions? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

5. You Get 5 Seconds: In the first round of auditions, you’re sitting in a full arena, looking down at 12 tables on the main floor. Each table has 2-3 assistant producers sitting at it. They take each performer down by sections & rows, leaving their loved ones in the stands. In rows of four, the assistant producers point at you to sing giving your literally 5 seconds to sing your song and they then point to the next person in line. Once that row is done, they tell you who goes & who stays. If you didn’t make it, they cut off your wrist bracelet & send you out the back of the arena. If you did, you get a golden ticket.

6. IMPORTANT: It Is A CASTING CALL: The first time I auditioned, I didn’t make it anywhere. (Okay, the second time either. Haha). I was convinced that I was a horrible singer & I vowed to never sing again. What I didn’t realize, & what everyone should realize, is that it’s a Casting Call. Each producer goes out there looking for a specific type of person. You are not only judged on your voice, but the way you hold yourself, the way you dress, etc. The producers need to know that you’d be able to handle yourself up on a stage in front of hundreds of people & millions of Americans watching on TV.

7. A Golden Ticket Is Rare: During both auditions, it seemed like Golden Tickets were passed out very rarely. I’d guess about 50 people in the entire arena. OUCH! This in no way means that you suck & should never sing again, it just means that you didn’t have what they were looking for THIS YEAR. (Or maybe someone isn’t quite sure what they are doing.)

8. HOLY CRAP! I DID IT!: It doesn’t matter if they thought you were good or not – you did something some singers don’t even dare (& later regret). You put yourself out there! You auditioned for freaking AMERICAN IDOL! Congrats! Here’s to you & your daring self!!


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