8 BIG Reasons To Delve Deeper Into ANY List

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have to do lists. They may not be “bucket lists” or “life lists”, but even just house hold chores that are eating away our minds, one item at a time. And I’ve found that, regardless, looking deeper into why you’ve listed the item can not only help you organize your list, but it just might save you A TON of time. Here are 8 reasons to delve deeper into ANY list.

1. Priorities
Like I said, looking at items based on when you have a project due or how important it is to you, can completely shift your game & have you headed straight for personal success.

2. Motivation
I found myself looking at a long list this week… & there was one item that was just overwhelming – organizing my Mac Photos. I want them to be in pristine order, but that’s not going to happen this week. So I looked at my motivation. Well, duh. My blog. I need a folder for my blog photos. So, that’s what I did, & then I put it lower on the list & moved forward.

3. Overflow
On the above note, there are several different to-do items that might need to be divided into smaller steps. Yes, it will lengthen your list, but it will also make the ultimate goal a little less intimidating.

4. Assistance
There are items on there you could ask someone to help you with, right? I mean, there are items you’d be willing to not be QUITE that perfect… or there should be. Ask for help. Whittle away that to do list along with a friend!

5. Pointlessness
On occasion, I’ll have someone glance over my bucket list, because you bet your ass that they will find items that are completely pointless. “Why would you do this? What will this do for you or your readers?” There are moments when I can answer that question… but sometimes, they’ve got me.

6. Opportunity
Sometimes, if I know I’ll be on a long trip – flight or a ride in the car, I’ll delegate certain tasks for those times. Wanting to read a certain book? Find it on audio & listen to it while you drive to wherever. Write blogs on the go during a long flight in a Word document; do social media research while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket.

7. Procrastination
Yep. People often make lists & prioritize to procrastinate. Why did you really decide that today is the day to reorganize the garage? Shouldn’t you be working to finish that article your boss requested yesterday… Sometimes you just don’t quite see the procrastination before it’s too late. Delve deeper into that list & save yourself the agony of getting fired.

8. Location
There are moments when I’ll catch myself in the vicinity of other to do items, only to find that I didn’t plan for enough time to check them off the list. If you have a ton of errands to run, or bucket list items to check off, map it out a little. Figure out when you’re going to be where & take advantage of the opportunity.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

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