60 Items For Your Water Bucket List

There’s something about water that’s so relaxing, so it’s no wonder why it has a small (or maybe big?) place on our bucket lists. Here is a 60-item water bucket list for you to get some great ideas from, just in time for summer. Let it wash you away!

1.Go Paddle Boarding
2.Throw A Pool Party
3.Drink At A Pool Bar
4.Enjoy A Lazy River
5.Visit A Natural Hot Spring
6.Play At A Water Park
7.Have A Water Balloon Fight
8.Dance In The Rain
9.Play Water Polo
10.Go Surfing
11.Play In A Water Walking Bubble
12.Drive A Boat
13.Play On A Slip & Slide
14.Own A Pool
15.Go Cliff Diving
16.Go Whale Watching
17.Put My Feet In All 5 Oceans
18.Go Boating On A Yacht
19.Use A Rope Swing Into The River
20.Send Someone Into A Dunk Tank
21.Go To A Rowing Competition
22.Float A River
23.Go On A Cruise
24.Go To A Vegas Pool Party
25.Go Jet Skiing
26.Shower Under A Waterfall
27.Drive The Coast
28.Play In A Sprinkler
29.Have A Water Bed

31.Experience Inner Tubing 
32.Go Canyoning
33.Try White Water Rafting
34.Scuba Dive
35.Go Sailing
36.Visit A Dam
37.Drink From A Natural Spring
38.Go Wake Boarding
39.Swim In An Infinity Pool
40.Go Running In The Rain
41.Go Kayaking
42.Have A Squirt Gun Fight
43.Swim With Dolphins
44.Own A Hot Tub
45.Try Wind Surfing
46.Have A Pool Chicken Fight
47.Experience Parasailing
48.Go Wake Boarding
49.Experience A Water Jet Pack
50.Go Shark Cage Diving
51.Bathe In A Jetted Tub
52.Experience The “Polar Bear Plunge”
53.Go Deep-Water Fishing
54.Play Liquid Limbo
55.Go To An Aquarium
56.Visit An Underwater Tunnel
57.Try Snuba
58.Own A Giant Group Floaty
59.Go Skinny Dipping
60.Take A Bubble Bath


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