6 Reasons To Include Your Pet In Your Small Business Marketing Content

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Follow me on Instagram, & you’ll find my dog Penny is often featured & mentioned in a great deal of my posts. Surprise! It’s not just about me loving my dog immensely, I also have a few alternative motives for including her in my marketing plan. Here are all of the reasons why you should include your pet(s) in your small business marketing.

1. You’ll Find Common Ground With Clients
Your customers also have pets, & including your cat or dog in your marketing plan allows you to easily relate with them. Not only are you relating to them as they look at the ad on instagram, but this will give them something to talk to you about when they purchase your products &/or services. They will subconsciously find comfort in knowing that you, too, are a dog or cat person.

2. It Will Easily Entertain Your Followers
Regardless of whether or not your followers have the same pet, let’s face it – pets are entertaining. Share them going crazy over a ball in the backyard or a reflection on the wall, & tell them all about how they will feel (maybe ecstatic, excited, or obsessed) when they visit your retail store or hire you for your design services.

3. You’ll Be Getting Personal, Without Getting Too Personal
Many business owners find it hard to share family content, whether they feel less professional or they simply don’t want to share their kids sweet little faces on social media. Get personal with pets, without feeling like you’re sharing your entire life with your followers.

4. Your Marketing Will Be Light Hearted, But Still Professional
Enough with the heavy content, make things a little more light hearted easily by sharing what your pet looked like as a baby & what they look like now.

5. It’s Easy Content
Who isn’t looking for easy content? Be honest, you’ve probably already got a million or so photos & videos of your pet. This means you’re already prepared to share this content with the world.

6. You’ll Boost Your Views & Thus Following
My best Instagram Reels (the ones with the most hits) are of my aerial photography services & Penny. Guess which content was easiest to create? Guess which one is boosting my following most? I’m proud of my work, but Penny makes life incredibly easy when I’m looking to get a boost on social media. Thank you Penny. 🙂

*BONUS: Don’t forget applicability!* The last thing you want to do is attract followers that have no intention of investing in your products &/or services. Remember to be applicable when using your pet in your marketing. This means always connecting it to your business in some way.

Amy Riordan | Social Media Strategist & Luxury Lighting Rep
Writer, Runner & Boy Mom ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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