5 Ways Little Goals Help Accomplish Big Ones

 BusinessDictionary.com defines goal as: An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.

    You may have noticed that my goal list is an everything list. Though I don’t put in goals such as; Do My Laundry, Make My Bed, Take A Shower… etc, I often place goals on my goal list that seem rather simple. While setting little goals may feel rather silly, it’s somewhat of a jump start to your goal-accomplishing self.    Here are 5 Ways setting little goals can help you accomplish the big ones:

1. They can be a step in the right direction – Sometimes little goals are slowly stepping you up to the biggest goal of them all. Example: If I want to be a famous singer, I might set a karaoke goal, then a competition goal, then an American Idol goal, then a recording contract goal… you get the picture. 🙂

2.  They help you learn more about yourself – The more little goals you accomplish, the more you’ll learn about yourself & all of your interests.

3. They build confidence – The more little goals you accomplish, the better & braver you’ll feel going after bigger ones. (Little goals are gateway goals! Haha.) Example: You begin to realize that if you can learn about building a deck, you can learn about changing your oil, buying stocks, creating websites, etc. You learn you can do anything!

4. They can lead to much more – Little goals can lead to more little goals & big goals. For example: My mother & I traveled to Salt Lake City, UT for American Idol Auditions 2008 & it was this trip that lead to our Nashville road trip, & it was that trip that lead to my move to Nashville in 2010. — All incredible experiences.

5. They help lighten the blow on setbacks – Sometimes little goals can allow us to really keep pushing forward when we have set backs. They give us something to move foward with; something to look forward to.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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