5 Steps Toward Beating A Blue Blunder

    So many of us are critical of ourselves. Whether it’s our appearance or our personality traits, we often beat ourselves down & over-analyze the words of others.

    “Amy, you’re so silly!” — Silly? What’s that supposed to mean? Is this person saying that I’m funny or odd? Do they think I’m joking or that I’m serious? Do they value my opinion at all?

    This is way too critical. And for that matter, who cares… right? We cannot read the minds of others; she could have meant anything by that statement. All we can do is focus on being ourselves – the best you that you can be.

  Here are 5 Steps to beat that Blue Blunder!

    1. Calm Down ~ You cannot read this person’s mind & it’s not going to help you to try.
    2. Consider Importance Is this comment important? Is this going to bother you months from now?
    3. Sleep On It ~ Before jumping to conclusions & freaking out, maybe you should sleep on it. Even 12 hours can change your thoughts on this blunder.
   4. Stand Up For Yourself… Personally ~ If you are sitting there analyzing this, stop yourself. Tell yourself it’s actually NOT a big deal… because it just isn’t worth your time. Defend yourself to yourself!
    5. Decide ~ If this is something you can change CHANGE IT. If not, One Word: Ledigo! ~ Quoting one of my favorite TV Shows, “Ledigo” or Let it go! It’s time to move on to the important things.

    So, on that morning you wake up feeling critical about yourself (or out of the ordinary), think about what it is & how you can change it. If you cannot change it, find a way to move past it; change your attitude. If you can change it – do it. You’re the only person in charge of your own happiness, so be in charge. Make a difference in your own life; live it for you & no one else (except your children of course.)

  Are you willing to go the distance?

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