47 Things I’ve Learned In The Past 5 Years…

    Yes – it’s officially been five years since I graduated high school, & it’s been quite a ride! While I cannot believe so much time has passed, I’m proud of who I’ve become so far & am looking forward to so many other learning experiences. Here are 47 things I’ve learned in the past 5 years, either on my own or through friends & family.

  1. You CAN survive moving 2,147 Miles away from home on your own.
  2. Flying in a personal airplane is the most exhilarating experience
  3. Love happens unexpectedly.
  4. Stories you grew up hearing are important & should be recognized, if not recorded.
  5. Life continues after horrible losses: It’s those who somehow stand up & continue on that have stories worth truly telling.
  6. It can be tough to let something go, but it’s horrible to keep hanging on: Relationships, memories, people who you feel need your help… you need to know yourself well enough to realize when something or someone is draining you. It is then time to step back & reevaluate things.
  7. Not everyone will like you: Who cares?
  8. Credit card debt is horrible: I am no longer placing myself in debt.
  9. Life is short: Live in the moment as much as you can.
  10. Picking your battles can save your relationships: Something that upsets you in the slightest might not be something worth arguing over, let yourself cool down and ask yourself, is this really a big deal?
  11. A website can change your life.
  12. When opportunity arises – take it or you’ll regret it later.
  13. Some people never change: There are people who grow & learn from the things that they get to experience, there are others who simply don’t.
  14. … Some people do: It’s your choice whether or not you’re willing to give them a second chance.
  15. You cannot fear the fall: Sometimes it’s the very best part. 🙂
  16. You CAN survive a road trip across the country & back… twice.
  17. It’s the commitment that makes the paper, not the paper that makes the commitment.
  18. The more REAL you are, the better your life will be: The more honest & genuine you are, the more relaxing life will be.
  19. The high road may be the long way, but it gives you better views and it’ll get you to better places.
  20. When you find you’re beating yourself down, it’s time to prove yourself wrong. It’s time to push yourself & see what lengths you can reach.
  21. Give everything you have when accomplishing any & all of your goals: Goals not completed to your satisfaction aren’t getting you anywhere.
  22. When at first you fail, find something you gained from your experience.
  23. Every President is human & will make mistakes along the way.
  24. Hardships are meant to be worked through, not ran from.
  25. Changing your mind is in no way letting yourself down: In fact, it might be the first step in picking yourself back up.
  26. Take the opportunities that you’re given if you’re able: Otherwise, you may always wonder what if…
  27. Things change: Dwelling in the past will only keep you from enjoying the future.
  28. Letting the pressures of others change the way you want to live your life will leave you bitter: Find people who deserve your presence & who enjoy spending time with the real you.
  29. Payback is a bitch – Not you: While you may be upset at someone for something, providing payback is only going to put you down to their level. Why bother when you can just enjoy how good you look compared to them?
  30. Some people cannot translate: We all think differently, & many may not agree with something you have to say. Again. Who cares? Sometimes there’s just no point in arguing.
  31. It doesn’t matter how many goals you’ve accomplished this year compared to the last: Just keep moving forward!
  32. All relationships are give & take: If you’re doing all of the giving, find a relationship that’s 50-50, because it’s what you deserve.
  33. I may not be religious, but a prayer never hurt anyone.
  34. If you made a mistake, come clean & be the better person: No more blaming things on others.
  35. Life is about challenging yourself to overcome external obstacles; not about wasting your time playing mind games on or with others.
  36. There’s no easy way to tell someone that things need to change: There’s just moving on & hoping that one day they’ll find themselves as happy as you’d always wished they could be.
  37. Never be ashamed of yourself or your interests or beliefs: I like Twilight & I’m not religious. Who cares?!
  38. Accomplish your goals for you & only you: They are otherwise tainted.
  39. The knowledge your Grandparents have is priceless.
  40. They call it a window of opportunity because it will take an effort to get through it: Squeeze your ass through it before it closes.
  41. Changing who you are so that you can be memorable defeats the purpose: You are not memorable, the fake you is.
  42. You can learn something from everyone.
  43. Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of the good things that others have to say: Believe it or not, sometimes you’re wrong.
  44. In the real world, procrastination can cost a lot.
  45. You can make a difference in the lives of others – so Why Not?
  46. Complaining will get you nowhere: Take action.
  47. You’re never too old to set & accomplish new goals.

Are you willing to go the distance?

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