Do It Anyway…

Every day we take risks. When we step into the shower, when we get into our car, even when we have breakfast. We take these risks because we want to live our lives.

But for some, it’s just not enough.

Ask them why they want to go zip-lining, why they decided to go flying with their friend, or why they’re trying to concur their fear of heights… They want to TRULY live their lives, to prevent the “What if…” moments that so often come later in life.

Don’t let your fears take control, make goals, accomplish them, & live the life you’ve always dreamed.
Blog Songs: Anyway, Martina McBride & I Hope You Dance, LeAnn Womack

PS – If you get the chance to ride over your home town in a private plane, go! Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t. 🙂

😀 Thanks Lucas!


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