The Domino Effect…

Every day, each person we come across has the opportunity to change our day, our week, or sometimes even our lives.

The choices each of these people have are limitless but many of them make their decision without a second thought.

Think about the coworker who complimented you on your shirt today, the driver who cut you off in traffic this morning. Their day, good or bad, has come to effect yours & they may not even be aware.
Though it should not these tiny pieces can set the mood of your entire day in one blink of an eye…
Now think about that second thought… you’ll start noticing your actions towards the people you encounter every day… and you’ll wonder what effect you’ve had on them. You might even compliment them or even let that person in your lane during traffic… making them feel good, you feel good, & preventing a possible accident.

😀 Aww the possibilities to make our world a better place!

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