Laguna Beach, CA – Day One…

Today’s all been a wonderful blur. Since I stepped off the plane in the John Wayne Airport, there’s been excitement in the air… Starting with an alarm in the terminal. At first, being the typical tourist, I assumed everything was alright. No one had moved. Is this normal? No. It was the fire alarm… and everyone was just sitting in their seats still, ready for their flight. Weird.

We headed to Laguna Beach, where we had a wonderful lunch over looking the ocean. Jealous? 🙂 I know!
There were great stores, nice people, and breath-taking views all around. HAPPINESS!

Julie took me to some of her favorite secluded spots including Moss Cove & Badlands Park. Both beautiful locations for relaxation and views, views views!

Finally, we started on my goals when her son helped me to learn skateboarding. 🙂 Not bad! (Photos are available in my photo gallery!)

I will write tomorrow! Xo


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